World Naturist Day

World Naturist Day has traditionally been marked on the first Sunday in June in the northern hemisphere, and the first Sunday in December in the southern hemisphere.

In 2024, World Naturism Day will be on 2 June in the northern hemisphere and 1 December in the southern hemisphere.

Swimsuits forbidden illustration

We know some federations find it convenient to organise events to mark World Naturist Day over the following week – that is, 2-9 June and 1-8 December.

Of course, nothing prevents federations, clubs and members celebrating Naturism whenever they want.  But World Naturist Day provides a particular focus around which events could be arranged.

If you can’t take part in a naturist event on World Naturist Day, it’s a perfect opportunity to raise a glass to celebrate Naturism everywhere, and especially to celebrate the volunteers around the world who help make it possible.

In fact, various “naked days” have sprung up in different parts of the world.  We are aware of World Naked Gardening Day, World Naked Hiking Day, Working Naked Day, and others.  None of these are set or sponsored by the INF-FNI, but the fact that they exist demonstrates the increasing popularity of clothes-free living and, in some cases, clothes-free working, around the world.

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