The 39th World Congress of the INF-FNI

The biennial World Congress will take place in Zipolite, widely regarded as the naturist capital of Mexico, from 17-19 October, by kind invitation of the Mexican Naturist Federation.

A meeting of EuNat will take place the previous day, on 16 October, at the same venue.

The official invitation can be downloaded here.

Delegates of the Member Federations, officers of the INF-FNI, observers and accompanying persons are invited to register for the event here.

Photo of Zipolite beachWhat is the World Congress, and why is it important?

The World Congress or, to give it its formal name, the General Assembly, is the supreme governing body of the INF-FNI.  It provides an unique opportunity for representatives of all the worldwide Naturist Federations to come together for formal and informal discussions.  It decides the policy of the INF-FNI for the future.  The meeting is conducted in the three official languages of the INF-FNI – English, French and German – with simultaneous interpretation provided.

The naturist federations have the opportunity to put forward their proposals in the form of motions, which can be adopted and taken forward in future, and discussion points which do not have to be voted on.

Such motions will be submitted later in the year.  But we already know that this year it is planned to ask the Member Federations to adopt revised statutes – the governing document on which the INF-FNI is based.  These have been circulated in draft well before the deadline for motions, so that the federations have plenty of opportunity to study them before the meeting.

The election for the President of the organisation is due to be held, as well as for the Treasurer and other important positions on the central committee.

An extra day is to be set aside for a meeting of EuNat, the European arm of the INF-FNI, which will consider its practical activities for the following year.  It was decided to hold the EuNat meeting at the same time and place as the World Congress to avoid the need for a separate event and to reduce travel costs.


Documents for the meeting will be uploaded as they become ready to the Internal Downloads page. If you are a federation representative and do not have access to this page, please email

Practical information

Zipolite is located on the Pacific coast of Mexico in the Costa Chica region of Oaxaca, approximately 1 hour drive east and west of the city of Huatulco and Puerto Escondido.

Photo of group of nude diners at clothes-optional restaurantThe two closest airports are Puerto Escondido (PXM) or Huatulco (HUX), with the latter being the most commonly used.

It enjoys an average temperature in October of 34° high / 24° low and just 5 days of rain in the entire month.

The Mexican Peso is worth about 0.054€, which means that a price of $100 MXN = 5.4 EUR.  You can eat a nice meal for about 10€ per person, and stay in a hotel for €50 per night.

Zipolite is generally safe – although naturally everyone should take the same precautions as you would anywhere: never leave your valuables unattended on the beach or in bars and restaurants, and do not walk alone on the beach at night carrying large amounts of cash or an expensive camera or smartphone.

The most dangerous part of Zipolite is the sea.  Undercurrents and big waves can – and do – drag unwitting swimmers away from the shore.  The beach is now patrolled by volunteer lifeguards, and since their arrival we are told there have been no fatalities.  But everyone, even experienced swimmers, should treat the sea with great respect and caution, and always obey the signs and the lifeguards.

Zipolite is known as the Mexican naturist capital and has a famous nude beach with numerous bars and restaurants, some of which are clothes-optional.  However, the streets are not naturist, and participants in the Congress must be dressed when travelling between the meeting site and other hotels and restaurants.

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