Picture of meeting room at Luxembourg during the CongressThe International Naturist Federation held its biennial World Congress at Luxembourg from 20-22 October 2022.  It took a number of important decisions that will help the organisation become even more effective and visible in future.

A new Vision and Mission statement for the organisation was adopted unanimously.  Among other things, it looks forward to “a world where everyone can live in freedom, with or without clothing, with respect for each other and for the environment.”

An event to mark the organisation’s 70th anniversary was announced – it will take place in September 2023, provisionally at Montalivet, France, where the original statutes were agreed in 1953.  A series of conference on Naturist matters, to be held every two years in the year when there is no Congress, will be launched in Bonn in March 2023.  And a working group will be established to examine how best to bring more Naturist voices within the INF-FNI’s embrace.

A working group which is examining the statutes and rules of the INF-FNI is expected to report before the next World Congress, due to be held in Mexico in autumn 2024.

During the elections, Edwin Kilby (BN), was elected Vice-president (Secretary) in succession to Jean Peters.

It was decided to split the existing post on non-European Assessor into two.  Gustav de la Garcia (Mexico) was elected Assessor for the Americas.  Christo Bothma (SANNA) was co-opted as Assessor for Africa and the Asia -Pacific region.

Hervé Begeot and Leslie Rabuchin were re-elected respectively as President and Vice-president of the Law Council.

And Armand Ceolin and Henri Hermans were re-elected as Cash checkers.