Terms & Conditions of the International Naturist Federation


The INF- FNI Logo is legally protected and may only be used by INF-FNI members.

The INF-FNI is registered as non-profit association in Austria (Linz-Land) with the registration ZVR number 334261452.

Terms of use:
1. The INF-FNI has no control over the content of websites which are linked to its site or search boxes. These layouts are under the sole responsibility of the respective federations and clubs as site operators.

For illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and especially for damages resulting from the use or non-use of such information, the respective federations or clubs are solely liable for their  pages, not the one who only linked  these pages.

2. The INF-FNI accepts no responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of the contributions of others.

3. The INF-FNI accepts no liability or guarantee for the accuracy, completeness and functionality of the INF-FNI pages content.

4. The texts, images and other content on the INF-FNI pages / download are protected by copyright and may be used only for the personal use of the federations, associations and members. Any reproduction, disclosure, dissemination to third parties is subject to the preliminary approval of the Executive Committee (EC) of the INF-FNI.

5. The files or texts in the protected download area of the INF-ENC are only accessible to the president of the respective federations via password and may not be published. The President is solely responsible in case of unlawful distribution to third parties.

Data Protection:

Since the INF-FNI is a registered non-profit association in Austria, the actual (or modified)Austrian data protection laws are active. (Data Protection Law 2000 (DPA 2000), BGBl. I Nr. 165/1999) The INF-FNI, their federations and clubs agree to use the collected data only as a means to fulfill its own statutory purpose and business tasks.
The INF-FNI reserves the right to change, modify or delete parts of these internet pages or remove the entire content temporarily or permanently without prior notice, if these pages should not match the guidelines of the INF-FNI.

General Information:

The Terms and Conditions (T&C) govern the contractual relationship between the INF-FNI and its ordinary and extraordinary members using the offers of the website.
All disputes arising out of this contract are subject to the laws of the Republic of Austria.

Terms and conditions concerning the INF-FNI Webshop

1. The payment of the goods takes place in advance, by bank deposit or by credit card.
2. Postage and packaging are included in the final price.
3. The delivery is done by sending the purchased items to the delivery address provided by the buyer.
4. The purchased items remains the property of the INF-FNI until complete payment.
5. The price indicated for the purchased items is understood as the final price, including eventually VAT.
6. INF-FNI is also entitled to withdraw from the contract with regard to a still open part of the delivery or services.
7. In case of returns (allowed within 14 days after purchase), the port charges are charged to the customer.
8. Damaged goods are excluded from the return right.
9. All disputes arising from this legal relationship are subject to the law of the Republic of Austria.