At the Congress 2018 in Portugal I had given a speech about naturists and people who like to move around nude on different occasions. Some delegates laughed at this speech and other ignored it. But now that we have had to deal with SARS-COVID-19 for more than 7 months, this speech is getting more and more weight and importance. Much has changed, respectively will continue to change, because the virus will not disappear, and the necessary vaccinations are not yet available, and it is questionable whether they will be available soon and also will show the desire effect.

For this reason, my speech from 2019 once more, perhaps it will receive more attention now:

When I read the reports of the federations. I more and more come to the conclusion that some federations pay more attention to the free beaches than to clubs!

What do we, do the federations actually want to achieve with this?

The federations want to have more members.
The federations want to get more attention.
The INF-FNI should offer more advertisements.
The INF-FNI should seek more attention from the media.

What does the INF-FNI want?

Let’s go back to the year when the INF-FNI was founded and ask: “For ’whom’ was this INF-FNI founded?”

The INF-FNI was founded for people, who like naturism, not only at home, but also in clubs and these clubs were founded to promote and to disseminate naturism.

Unfortunately, we have moved far away from that today and that also is one of the reasons why naturists are not really enthusiastic about holiday centres and visit them less and less. There are not only naturists in the holiday centres, but also people who like to move around all naked, but not worrying about “what naturism is”.

This mixture cannot work well in the term, as the naturists of course keep distance from those, whom, for sake of simplicity, I call “nude swimmers”, and withdraw themselves. But which people (group) do we really address with advertising/attention in the media?
Naturists? No.
Nude swimmers? Yes.

If we want to keep the INF-FNI as it was founded, we must focus again more on the associations in the federations. If you think you can unite naturists and nude swimmers, you are going the wrong way, because it is very difficult to reconcile these two groups, these groups can live next to each other, but by no means together!

If we want to keep the INF-FNI as it was founded for, then we have to pay more attention to what our members as naturists want and also fulfil these wishes, whenever possible. The wishes and ideas of the nude swimmers must be put last, because, if we continue to consider them, we will lose what the INF-FNI was founded for, the “naturists”.

That was the statement from 2 years ago and if we look in the eye at the present facts, we must realize that the associations have mastered the summer very well, but the holiday centres and the free beaches have been visited only sparsely. This will not change in the next 1-2 years either. But what will the holiday centres’ chances to survive look like?

The financial crises provoked by Corona, the nearly total breakdown of the flight destinations surely contribute to the fact that we must think about whether in future it will ever be possible to visit other continents or farther remote countries.

What does the future bring us or how shall we shape the future?

Has the time arrived to found a Commercial INF-FNI? Which advantages would this Commercial INF-FNI bring to integrate the Non-European federations? The current INF-FNI with the federations from Europe as a “Non-Profit Organisation and the Commercial INF-FNI with the Non-European federations as a “Profit Organization”?
Both organizations would have more room to operate, but would this also increase popularity? Could we thereby expect increase of memberships? Would more non-European federations be founded and be affiliated, because they would have a representative that would no longer take care of European issues?

But what right now is and remains the main task of the INF-FNI is to further promote naturism. The INF-FNI supports naturists in all the countries, be it further continuation of the development or the active help to establish federations and associations, an important fact also is that we may offer our assistance at legal issues.

The Internet gives us the possibility to get access to all destinations, one can view them, one can see the results of the experience reports, can compare offers and prices. This detailed information is exchangeable every day and you are always up to date.

Therefore, it also is very important that everybody, be it federations, associations or holiday centres, have a good website. They cannot exist without any website, and a badly set-up website will not get any attention, so has no value. If needed, we also can assist at that point, because these days that is the best business card.

We have also recognized that it is of enormous importance to present ourselves and our federations to the public. In the future, too, if it is possible again, or if it is offered again, we will increasingly be represented at the trade fairs in many different countries. At these trade fairs all the federations will have the opportunity to display advertising material, at no cost.

The INF-FNI also supports the “right of freedom of clothing”. We define ourselves through clothing, but without clothing only the person counts, and this is exactly the personal freedom, that naturists need and appreciate.
“When you take off your clothes, it is like putting your work aside, you are a free person.