Greetings  future SunCave visitors!  2020 marks 25 years of being not simply  “owner”, but guardian of this magical place.  I came here 25 yrs ago with my belly full of life ( now a 26 yr old man and chef) to a  then barren, but rich land, that hosts in 120 sq mt, a cave, and a hillside of Etruscan tombs that date back to over 3000 years.  The cave was covered in Blackberry bramble and you could barely crawl in on your hands and knees.  It cried out to be cared for , and re-filled with light. I had a vision that led me to declare,” ok, let’s get going!” .  I Tom Sawyered my self , family, friends, and many ‘out of work’ immigrants, to cut, clean , empty the caves, and landscape this paradise.  I even slept in the cave when we eventually started to build the house above.  I sat on the top of the hill with  surfer boy architect  Andy Neumann from Santa Barbara and envisioned a house that would eventually run smoothly energetically, and guest the best of folk that would eventually be drawn to  SunCave.  Since then, there has been a constant flow of musicians , poets, tibetan monks, philosophers, native American chiefs, mexican cosmologists, scientists, archaeologists, streams of curious children, and groups learning to cook with all that this land produces. SunCave is a name that struck me on  a june afternoon while sitting in the cave contemplating our future cohabitation  together.  A shaft of sun light entered the cave and cast an image of what seemed to be a snake.  I later found out two things; Suncave is actually an atmospheric phenomena, and the snake, in many native lore, is a symbol of transformation.  That said, we embarked on full transformation, with respect, of this land.  We planted olives, oaks, eucalyptus, laurel, lilac, mediterranean umbrella pines, palms , lime flower,  many a rose, oranges, grapefruit, huge lemons, kumquat, fejoa,  almonds, apples,, grapes,  pears, goji, pomegranate ,sour cherry, plums, figs , mulberries, quince, pepper tree, catalpa and aloe for many a kitchen burn… Every year we plant an extensive vegetable  garden and the herb garden is a nest of curing  spices to heal and scent teas.  SunCave is flowering something all year round;   spring starts with  cherry  and almond blossoms, freesia, lilac, huge orange  pomegranate  flowers, red and orange poppies everywhere, calla lilies,  all the citrus flowers one would want to capture forever, then the  breathtaking burst of roses, lime flowers, dalias  and hibiscus of all shapes and colors.  Forgive me if  I left out someone!  The fall  is chrysanthemum heaven, then we get to sort of rest… sit in front of the fire, and wonder where to put all the various jars of marmalade and preserves from the summer harvest.  In 2018, Suncave has taken on another transformation; It has become the one and only true naturist retreat in all of the Rome Lazio province, and we are strategically located between the sea and Lake Bracciano and only 25 minutes to the Eternal city of Rome. We are 25 minutes to the main airport, and 35 minutes from homes main port town of Civitavecchia, a launch to Sardinia, Corsica, and a number of wonderful Mediterrenian Islands. People come as visitors and leaves as friends. Thats the Etruscan pact to which I’m soundly sworn. 


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