We are pausing online registration while we consider the future of the Locations area of the INF-FNI website.  

The intention of the register and login pages was to enable users to enter details of a club, location or resort and return to it later to update the details.  In practice this has not happened: users have encountered problems logging in or have not updated information.  What is more, many users seem to have mistaken registration with membership.

Over 600 locations are listed on our site, but in practice we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided or whether it is up to date.  The INF-FNI, as a volunteer-run organisation, does not have the resources to keep this part of the site up to date; meanwhile it costs us money to maintain it.

We will therefore be consulting our members on whether to close this part of the site.  If the result of the consultation indicates that we should proceed, we will close the locations directory on 30 June.

Other resources providing information about naturist locations worldwide are available.

  • The websites of national federations usually include information about locations in their own countries.  Find your federation here.
  • The excellent BareCompass, provided and updated by the Netherlands naturist federation, claims to list over 2000 locations
  • The organisation GetNaked Germany has an excellent interactive map with locations all over the world.

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