Image of sample NFN digital membership cardThe Netherlands Naturist Federation (NFN), the largest member federation in the INF-FNI with over 48,000 members, has announced that it will in future be issuing its members with digital membership cards.  The NFN card includes a white figure moving around on its axis, and only cards with a moving figure will be valid.  It also includes the annual INF-FNI stamp.

It joins other Federations, including FFN (France), SANNA (South Africa) and ANF (Australia), in introducing digital cards.  Others have such a change under active consideration.

NFN conducted a survey of their members before introducing digital cards.  That demonstrated a clear need to make the change, which is also more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly.  They will be offering physical cards to any member who requires one, at an extra cost.

Digital cards are becoming more and more common around the world among membership organisations.  The INF-FNI itself is examining whether to replace physical stamps with QR codes, which could be more flexible and reliable in identifying whether memberships are up to date (see Focus, August 2023).  We confidently expect this digital revolution to continue and gather pace.

In a statement about the digital cards, NFN says:

From this year on the Dutch Federation NFN Open & Bloot annual card will be issued in a digital form. 

All members of NFN Open & Bloot receive their personal annual card in a digital form as part of their membership . The card can be downloaded to their device of choice, for example smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The white figure (part of the logo of NFN ) on the left upper corner of the digital card is moving around its axis. This is  a safety measure, only cards with a moving icon are valid. Screenshots of the digital card (lacking the moving part) are not valid.

The digital membership card also includes the INF-FNI-stamp, granting access to INF-FNI associated naturist locations worldwide.

NFN Open & Bloot chose a digital card for multiple reasons:

1: A survey held among NFN-members clearly showed a need for digital cards

2: Reduced production of physical cards* is more environmental friendly

3: Digital cards are more cost efficient. By choosing for digital cards, NFN ensures the NFN-membership being affordable for most people due to cutting in the rising printing/shipping-costs.

*For an additonal fee, physical cards are still optionally available for NFN-members who like to have a card in paper form.

With the introduction of the digital annual cards, NFN Open & Bloot makes an important step toward modernization and to be ready for the future.

Note for Locations:

NFN knows that the NFN annual card (on paper) is used as a kind of ID card and is taken during a stay.  Apart from the fact that this card is not ID proof, a digital annual card cannot be confiscated. We recommend registering name, date of birth and member number. If necessary, NFN can always trace our members.