Skinny-dippers in the sea

Photo courtesy of BN

On 4 June it will be World Naturist Day in the northern hemisphere.  It’s an opportunity to celebrate Naturism in whatever way you want – whether by taking part in a naturist event, enjoying the sun (provided it’s shining where you are), going skinny-dipping, or simply raising a glass to naturists everywhere.

Some Naturist federations are using the date to challenge people to work naked for a day or to garden naked, and to see whether people like being naked for these activities and might stick to it.  If you get the chance to swim naked and have never done so before – beware:  you will love it and you’ll never want to wear a swimsuit again!

World Naturist Day has been promoted by the INF-FNI for many years.  But a search on the web will quickly reveal that numerous “naked days” have arisen in various parts of the world.

A list of the days we know about is below.  The majority only have dates in the northern hemisphere – but for those of us living south of the equator these dates could be in the rainy season or even in the middle of winter.  So we have proposed southern hemisphere equivalents.

Of course, naturism isn’t limited to a few days in the year.  And the list below doesn’t include dates marked only in one country.

For example, in France, 3 July will be a day for clubs and associations to hold open days. And in Mexico “Días desnudos”  (“Naked days”) are being held in different cities on dates during May.

See what your own federation is doing – find your federation here.

But the fact that these days exist shows an increasing acceptance – and enthusiasm for – being clothes-free in the course of ordinary activities.

Wherever you are, try to enjoy a bit of naked time!


Day Northern hemisphere Southern Hemisphere
Working Naked day First Friday in February Second Friday in July
Naked Gardening Day 1st Saturday in May 4th Saturday in October
National Nude Day 14 July Last Saturday in February
Nude Recreation Week Week following 4 July 3rd week in November
World Naturist Day 1st Sunday in June 1st Sunday in December
International Skinny-Dip Day 2nd Saturday in July First weekend in September/Last Saturday of February
Day without Swimsuits 3rd Sunday in July 3rd Sunday in January
Naked Hiking Day 21 June Last Saturday of April
World Naked Bike Ride Varies by location Varies by location