Dear INF-FNI federations and members,

The Slovenian Naturist Federation informed (ZDNS) us on 1.10.2020 with the deepest sadness in our hearts that our dearest friend and actual vice-president of ZDNS, JOŽKO PUC, has passed away last Monday at the age of only 54 after a sudden but heavy (cerebral) stroke.
His funeral will be held in his little hometown Šentjanž (near Sevnica) this Saturday, 3rd of October from 12.00h – 13.45h and everyone is welcome to come to pay respects.
Those who knew him know, that Jožko was a HUMAN with capital letters. He was a clever and prudent man, very good listener, always positive and willing to help and collaborate. And a very good volleyball player. After 10 years of presidency at Slovenian naturist Federation ZDNS in the year 2008 he continued as a vice-president of ZDNS. From the end of last century till 2014 he attended every World congress of naturism as an official delegate from Slovenia. Together we attended congresses in Spain, Brazil, Italy and Koversada and many yearly Alpe-Adriatic meetings organized by INF-FNI. He was the main editor of our Naturist bulletin and our web page

With our sincere condolences to his family. (INF-FNI Central Committee and office)