The INF-FNI has announced its next World Congress.  It will take place in Mexico in October.

Representatives of naturist federations from around the world will visit Zipolite for the Congress, which will take place over three days.

The Congress, or to give it its formal name, the General Assembly, is the main decision-making body of the INF-FNI, and it normally meets every two years.  Member federations, as well as the INF-FNI’s central committee, its legal advisers and its internal auditors, are all able to submit motions and points for discussion.  The results of these discussions will guide the organisation’s policy for the future.  The congress will also elect its President and other key officers within the leadership.

Among other things, the agenda will include revised governing documents – the statutes and rules of the organisation.

The INF-FNI is over 70 years old but this will be the first time its World Congress has taken place in Mexico.  The event is taking place at the invitation of the Nudist Federation of Mexico, which itself was founded in 2011.

Zipolite is popularly considered the naturist capital of Mexico, and it has a famous nude beach and numerous clothes-optional hotels, bars and restaurants.  It hosts a Nudist Festival every February.

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