Graphic with talking heads and bare shouldersThe INF-FNI has announced its first international conference on Naturism.  Participants will debate the theme, Challenges to Naturism.

The event will take place alongside the annual meeting of the European arm of the organisation, EuNat, during the weekend of 11-12 March.  Participants (representatives of naturist federations) will be able to attend the conference in person or join by videoconference.  Observers are welcome to join the event either in person or by videoconference.

Sönke Reising, Chair of Get Naked Germany, will moderate the event, which is expected to debate various sub-topics including the impact of social media, body-shaming, the success of the “free the nipple” campaign, and other issues that might be raised by the participants.

This is the first of what is expected to be a series of biennial conferences, which will take place in years when there is no World Congress.

More about the EuNat meeting and the associated conference