Quinta do Maral

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PT-Federação Portuguesa de Naturismo

We want to be a reference in the Portuguese naturist tourism. Quinta do Maral is the entrance into Naturist Portugal, as we are just across the border with Spain. It’s an ambitious project and that’s why we expect to advance step-by-step like a toddler who has his whole future ahead.

So, at first, Quinta do Maral’s strength will lie in its simplicity, camping will be much like wild camping, however there will be a small swimming pool for the guests to cool down in the hot days, and a small cozy area to socialize during the colder ones.

The farm has charming nooks waiting to be found in perfect union with nature. The nights at Quinta do Maral are unique, the sky glows with constellations and up-hill the castle of Marvão radiates a different light…

We’ll be waiting for you and your family, see you soon!

  • L'Information générale

    Réduction avec carte INF-FNI
    Centre de vacances
    5-10 ha / 12.5 - 25 acre
    1 January
    31 December
    not accepted
    L`électricité pour le camping-cars/caravans
    Camping-cars/caravanes admis
    La locations possibilities
    1 Apartment
  • Règlements pour admission

    Chiens admis en laisse
    Réservation obligatoire
  • Location

    2 - 5 km / 1.2 - 3 Miles
    2 - 5 km / 1.2 - 3 Miles
    Possibilités vélo
    Fishing Possibilities

  • Facilités, Equipements

    Douches froides
    Douches chaudes
    Machines a laver
    Organisierte Ausflüge
  • Internet

Quinta do Maral

Données de contact

  • Quinta do Maral, CP 57, Cabeçudos
  • 7330-205 Sto António das Areias
  • Marvão
  • Alentejo
  • (+351)963462169