NaturViana - naturismo

PT-Federação Portuguesa de Naturismo

This campsite counts with 10 000m2 space, where we can place around 25-30 Caravans, around 50 tents and some Domes for more comfort. All the infrastructures  would be made from Domes. That would be for the beginning a Dome with 25m2, with 4 bio-toilets, 4 showers and  a little room for laundry. After this we will proceed with a Dome for the Bar with around 50-100m2, following a Sauna Dome with 25m2 and finally refuges Domes.

This campsite follows the idea to be as green and natural as possible, been situated up in the mountain on the middle of the woods, no counting with electricity or water from the civilization. The water is from the own land and is pure as possible, coming out from a well. This well produces around 7000l daily, we already made a completely water system trough all the land, so on any place from this place is water flowing, and is possible to have use of it. All of this without electricity. 

The toilets would be Bio, so we don’t desperdice water and we can use the fecal to make Bio compost for the plants, avoiding to make septic tanks or pollute the earth. Also to mention that Shower Gels or shampoo are not allowed, unless a camper really need them. We will provide our own Shower Gel or shampoo, because they would be Bio products, so will not contamine the water after use them. The spent water will follow her course to little lakes on our land, where fishes and plants clean and purify the water to follow her course whatever the water goes.

This year we count with solar panels for our own electricity. The camp is all illuminated with LED’s and point for power for the campers. This energy points would be made from big roots, where the light comes out and the campers can find the energy plugs. 

We count also wit a Organic Pool, without chemicals or products, this pool is looking like a lake, and the plants and little creatures make the own cleaning, also with some help from tubes and air pumps. 

  • L'Information générale

    Bed and breakfast
    Réduction avec carte INF-FNI
    Centre de vacances
    Aucune cause
    2-5 ha / 5 - 12.5 acre
    not accepted
    Camping-cars/caravanes admis
    La locations possibilities
  • Règlements pour admission

    Chiens admis en laisse
    Réservation recommandée
  • Location

    > 5 km / 3 Miles
    < 1 km / 0.6 Miles
    emplacements ombragés
    emplacements ensoleillé
    chaussée inégale
    Possibilités vélo
    Fishing Possibilities
    Possibilités de surf

  • Facilités, Equipements

    Douches froides
    Douches chaudes
    Cuisine pour les visiteurs
    Vente des dispositions
    Machines a laver
    Organisierte Ausflüge
  • Internet

    Wi-Fi (gratuit)

NaturViana - naturismo

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  • Estrada do Divino Salvador, EM540, Viana do Castelo
  • Minho
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