The European Naturist Commission, known as EuNat, is a subcommittee of the INF-FNI.  Its members are the European Member Federations of the INF-FNI.

EuNat was formed in 2010 as an independent commission within the INF-FNI.  In 2023 it was decided that the relationship between EuNat and the INF-FNI should be clarified and EuNat should formally become a subcommittee of the INF-FNI.

EuNat has a budget taken from between 30% and 40% of the annual membership contributions made to the INF-FNI by the European federations.  Since its formation it has principally used its financial resources to support events held within Europe, including the international swimming gala, the international pétanque tournament and various other events open to international visitors organised by national federations, some of which have in practice become annual events.

During the World Congress in 2022 in Luxembourg, it was agreed that EuNat should adopt a strategy with the start-up of new events as its priority.  During an online meeting held in October 2023 a further strategic document was agreed, which opened up the possibility of using EuNat funds in different ways to promote Naturism.  You can download the documents making up the strategy here.

EuNat has three officers:EuNat logo

  • the Chairperson
  • the Sports Officer
  • the Youth Officer.

Its principal purposes are to promote naturism within Europe by

  • facilitating the provision of naturist events through financial support
  • encouraging the creation of new activities
  • promoting initiatives designed to encourage participation in naturism
  • providing financial support where most needed
  • other means that may from time to time be agreed.

EuNat normally meets once a year.  During years when the biennial General Assembly (World Congress) of the INF-FNI is held, EuNat will in future meet at the same time, so as to reduce travel costs.  In other years it will meet somewhere in Europe, usually at the invitation of one of the Member Federations.

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