For Students

Welcome to the INF-FNI webpage especially designed for students who may be researching an article dealing with naturism. The purpose of this site is to direct you to where you may be able to find the necessary information to continue your research in naturism. Please feel free to contact any of the places listed. And don’t forget to check out our media page. It contains a list of articles that have already been written about different aspects of the naturist lifestyle. If you are looking for research information because you are writing a thesis, you have a very difficult job ahead of you. You may be able to obtain some necessary information from the following sources:

DE – Germany

Internationale FKK-Bibliothek
c/o Niedersachsischen Instituts fur Sportgeschichte

Ferdinand-Wilhelm Fricke Weg 10
30169 Hannover
Phone: +49 511 12 68 50 60

The INF-FNI also collaborates with

GR – Greece

East-Central European Documentation Centre on Naturism & Related Subjects (EEDC)
c/o Angelos Mimikopoulos
6, Filomilas Street
GR-145 78 Ekali
Phone: +30 210 813 1738 (+ Télécopie)

US – United States

American Nudist Research Library – ANRL
2950 Sun Cove Drive
Kissimmee, Florida 34746-2773

For over 20 years the library has served as an historical and documentary resource to scholars and nudists (

Also, you may contact a naturist club directly and ask if the management or members would be willing to give you an interview. Please note that it is best to have a series of questions ready before you go.

Something else that may be of interest to you

Nude U

Nude U is open to college-age nudists/naturists and focuses on building the nudist community from within. Those attending will become a mentor to younger youth and be a valuable asset to the nudist movement by learning to present nudist studies to enthusiastic teen nudists across North America.

You’ll conduct workshops and practice leadership skills while meeting like-minded nudists your own age to share experiences and fun-filled activities and outings at one of four premium resorts.

Finally, good luck in your research and please feel free to contact the INF-FNI office if you have any questions.