Structure of the INF-FNI

The INF-FNI is structured in a way designed to give the national Federations overall responsibility for the organisation. They control it through the general assembly. The day-to-day management of the organisation is carried out by a central committee, which in turn includes an executive committee consisting of the president and two vice presidents.

This page describes the functions of the various organs of the INF-FNI.


Ordinary membership in the INF-FNI is be obtained by the national governing bodies (Federations) of a country’s national naturist/nudist organization. Only 1 (one) Federation per country can be recognized by the INF-FNI as an ordinary member. Members of INF-FNI Federations are automatically members of the INF-FNI.

Photo from Congress in Portugal 2018Federations apply to the INF-FNI and the Central Committee whether to accept the new Federation into the INF-FNI.

The Central Committee has the power to terminate a Federation’s membership if they no longer represent their country properly or if they no longer support the aims of the INF-FNI.

Federations represent the interests of naturism/nudism in their country. Their membership base is either directly with individual naturists, through clubs/resort, or a combination of both. Traditionally, most INF-FNI Federations had clubs/resorts as members and those clubs/resorts required their members/visitors to purchase Federation memberships.

Many Federations use an “INF-FNI Passport” which is issued once to each member and which is validated every year by affixing a new INF-FNI stamp. Other Federations do not use the INF-FNI Stamp and instead issue a new membership card to each member every year.

Extraordinary Members

The Central Committee can recognize Extraordinary Members of the INF-FNI under the following conditions:

a. Individuals or organizations in countries that do not have a Federation.

b. Individuals or organizations in countries with the permission of the country’s Federation.

In general, Extraordinary Members are individual or organizations that represent naturism/nudism, support it, or are close to it in other ways.

Some Extraordinary Members act as Correspondents for the INF-FNI. They keep the INF-FNI informed of issues related to naturism/nudism in countries where there is no Federation.

Extraordinary Members do not have the right to vote in the General Assembly.

Responsibilities of INF-FNI Member Federations

Support the ideals of naturism/nudism as defined by the INF-FNI.

Promote naturism/nudism in their country.

Participate in the operations of the INF

Identify an individual within the Federation who will handle all communications between the INF-FNI and the Federation.

Provide regular updates to the INF-FNI on events in the Federation’s country.

Pay the membership fees based on the Federation’s membership.

Recognize the membership card of other INF-FNI Federations

Ensure that the Federation’s member clubs, resorts, and other organizations extend the same discounts to members of other Federations.

General Assembly (GA)

Photo from General Assembly in Ireland


Comprised of the member country’s Federations.

Meets once every two years at the INF-FNI World Congress. Each Federation is allowed one delegate. The delegate’s number of votes is based on the number of members reported to the INF-FNI (and paid for) during the last two years preceding the Congress.

The vote calculation was created to provide a degree of equality between the small and large federations while still recognizing the contribution of large federations. It is calculated by taking the total members in the previous two years, dividing it by 100 and taking the square root. Examples:

1,000 members 4 votes
2,000 members 6 votes
5,000 members 10 votes
10,000 members 14 votes


The location of each congress is determined at the previous congress and confirmed by the Executive Committee. By tradition, every 5th congress (every 10 years) is held outside of Europe.  In 2004 it was agreed informally that Congresses should be held in locations where complete nakedness was possible.  In practice it has not always been possible to follow this approach.

While suggestions and questions can be submitted at any time to the INF-FNI Executive Council, Central Council or General Secretariat, decisions that have a significant impact on the running of the INF-FNI (e.g. motions, budget, or amendments to statutes) can only be taken at the Congress, where they must be approved by the General Assembly.

Flow chart showing structure of INF-FNICentral Committee (CC)

The Central Committee takes care of the business of the INF-FNI. The CC is composed of the President (currently 2), Vice-President Secretary/Treasurer, Assessor for Europe, Assessor for Africa, America, Asia, and Australia (AAAA), Responsible for Social Media, and Responsible for Protection of Naturism who are elected for a 4-year period.

Executive Committee (EC)

The Executive Committee consists of the President (currently 2) and the two Vice-Presidents. They communicate regularly and provide the management for the INF-FNI. They are the ones who set the agendas and make proposals for projects and then execute those same projects when approved by the CC.

The EC is also responsible for the General Secretariat.

General Secretariat (GS)

The General Secretariat handles the daily operations of the INF-FNI. It is the office of the INF-FNI and includes the non-volunteers positions. Staff hired by the CC work to ensure communications within the INF-FNI and to execute the projects created by the CC.

Law Council (LC)

The Law Council is an appeals body that rules on complaints made by INF-FNI members regarding:

a. Exclusion from the INF

b. Transfer into another member group

c. Number of contribution voting rights at the GA

d. Violation of statutory rights

e. Violation by the CC of the statutes or of one of the rules made by the GA.

The LC can also brought in to interpret the statutes/regulations and decide on disputes between member Federations.

Account Checkers a.k.a. Auditors

The Auditors review the INF-FNI finances to ensure that money was well managed and that funds were spent appropriately. They report their findings to the GA.


EuNat is a commission made up of the European Federations (formerly known as the Interfederal). They hold a yearly meeting to decide how to spend the extra fees collected from European Federations (currently 40% of the annual fees). They organize the:

Youth Gathering – spring

Alpe Adria – spring (Solaris, Proet)

North European Gathering – summer (Rosenfeld Strand, Lubek)

Petanque Tournament – summer

Southern European Gathering – autumn (El Portus, Cartagena)

• International Swimming Gala – autumn.

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