The INF-FNI currently includes 37 national Naturist federations among its membership, alongside a number of correspondents and individual members in countries where there is no member federation.  Being a member delivers numerous benefits to federations and to their members.

The INF-FNI is the only worldwide Naturist organisation

Naturism doesn’t stop at national borders. There are dozens of national naturist federations around the world.  By being a member of the INF-FNI, a federation is part of a much bigger global movement that has been established for 70 years.

We are stronger together

As federations, we understand the benefits of Naturism.  By working together we can boost Naturism more effectively, learn from each other, and enhance the credibility of the Naturist movement both at national level and worldwide.

Members of federations attached to the INF-FNI become part of a much larger, active, global community of naturists.

Benefits to Federations of membership of the INF-FNI

INF logoMembership of the INF-FNI provides:

1) Credibility – An international body gives naturism more credibility. Each member of the INF-FNI can present itself as part of a worldwide movement.

2) Globalisation – The world is becoming smaller because of the internet, which means that people look beyond country borders for information.

3) Consistency – Only by joining together internationally and agreeing on fundamentals will we ensure that the naturist movement is presented with some level of consistency (e.g. definition of naturism).

4) Influence – By being part of an international organisation, your federation will be able to demonstrate that it is part of a large, united, and organised movement. You will be able to influence other federations. You will also be seen as more influential locally.

5) Community – Federations need a way to share information with each other and learn from one another. The INF-FNI can collect information internationally, analyse it, and then disseminate it.

6) Individual Membership Recognition – Your federation’s members will all be INF-FNI members which will make them proud to be part of a worldwide community. This will also make admission easier in some places and sometimes even provide financial discounts.

7) Confederacy – You can justify the importance of a person or an association being a member of your federation because you are yourself part of an international federation.

8) History – There is accumulated value and credibility in being part of an organisation that has been in existence since 1953.

9) Support – As an INF-FNI affiliated federation, you will benefit from the support not only of the INF-FNI but also that of the other member federations.

Photo courtesy of ZDNS

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