The INF-FNI’s Mission and Vision

An ambitious Mission and Vision statement was adopted by the INF-FNI’s World Congress held in Luxembourg in 2022. It has been translated into many languages, and some national Federations have adopted their own Mission and Vision statements based on the INF-FNI model.

The statement reads as follows.


• A world where everyone can live in freedom, with or without clothing, with respect for each other and for the environment.

• A world where the human right to be naked is protected and nudity, including social nudity, is accepted.

• A world where naturism is practised in accordance with the INF definition of naturism.


Together with national federations, we promote naturism and its values internationally, working towards a world where naturism may be practised everywhere.

Naturist family on beach

Photo courtesy of FFN


The INF-FNI aims to achieve its mission by:

1. strengthening and supporting the work of the national naturist federations through

  • cooperation (exchange of knowhow, best practices, …)
  • consultation (finance, members, communication, data, organisation, …)
  • events (sport, social, festivals, culture and arts, fairs, …)
  • networking (congress, friendship, …)

2. communicating the values of naturism by

  • promoting naturism as a philosophy and ideology
  • promoting naturism as a natural and more sustainable way of life
  • campaigning and lobbying towards establishment of a human right to be naked
  • promoting self-confidence and body-acceptance as part of naturism
  • working with authorities (governments, police, international bodies, environmental organisations, …)


  • professional public relations (press releases and responses to publications)
  • web and social media work

3. building and maintaining relationships with other bodies and being an international partner in the support of naturism

Adopted at Luxembourg
October 2022

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