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This page lists some of the libraries available for historical and scientific research. It may be of assistance to anyone, including students, who are interested in carrying out research into Naturism.

In addition to the resources set out below, you may contact a naturist club directly and ask if the management or members would be willing to give you an interview. Please note that it is best to have a series of questions ready before you go.

The INF-FNI keeps archives up-to-date intended for historical and scientific research


Nds. Institut für Sportgeschichte e.V.
Walsroderstrasse, 62
D-30853 Langenhagen
Telephone: +49 511 12 68 50 60- Mrs. Martin

FR:  FFN-French Naturist Federation.(naturist library created by Bruno Saurez)


Also situated in France is ANAT – the Naturist Archives, STAPS University Library of the University of Paris-Descartes/Université de Paris.

The INF-FNI also collaborates with:


East-Central European Documentation Centre on Naturism & Related Subjects (EEDC)
c/o Angelos Mimikopoulos
6, Filomilas Street
GR-145 78 Ekali
Téléphone: 00302 106 229 474 (+ Télécopie)

The EEDC Library and Documentation Centre, the largest depository of naturist material in South-east Europe, was established on August 24, 1987, shortly after the conclusion of the Second World Congress on Nude Beaches & Recreation Areas in Hungary. It had existed to the mid-80s as the Hellenic Naturist Library, and its director Angelos Mimikopoulos had been the main sponsor and donor of his personal collection of magazines and books. Enriched by other donations, gifts and purchases from 44 suppliers in the field, the Library has filled in the gap of genuine naturist information in Greece.

Journalists and students have used its resources extensively. Three dissertations and theses for institutions of higher education in Greece have been submitted so far. Judit Halász has been a co-director and assistant librarian since 1989. Thanks to her strenuous efforts the acquisitions have been enriched by donations from Hungarian naturists, for Hungarian naturism has been an important part of its holdings. At the end of each year a complete list of its holdings is published in a limited number of copies– the 17 th edition is available on floppy at the price of €5.00 inclusive of postage to European countries.

This list includes current and back numbers of magazines, books and other material purchased during the year in question as well as items on order. On average 300 or so acquisitions are added to the Library each year. The Library has been exchanging its duplicates for American magazines of the 50s and 60s with the American Nudist Research Library (ANRL) of USA and European publications with the Internationale FKK-Bibliothek (IFB) of Germany. Duplicates are also sold to collectors at reasonable prices.

The oldest acquisition is a book in German published in 1907 and the oldest magazine, also from Germany, dates back to 1923. The Library is a reference one. That means books and magazines may be consulted on the premises. However, legible photocopies are provided at short notice. As of April 29, 2008 the Library holdings amounted to 20,185 items: magazines, books, documents, prints, slides, videotapes and picture-postcards. For easy reference most titles are bound in linen, with different colour labels, while 90 volumes will go to the binder as soon as funds are available.

The Library is housed at Angelos Mimikopoulos’ flat in Ekali, a suburb of Athens, 21 km from downtown Athens, and is open for visitors 7 – 9pm Monday to Friday by appointment only round the year.

The sorting out of prints and slides has just started; it is expected that the task will have been completed by December 31, 2008; however, not all photographic material will be available for viewing. The number of holdings including books, magazines and other items on order amounted to10,185 items on 4/30/2008. There is a flat charge of €4.00 per day per person for the use of the Library’s holdings. Donations from users and visitors are always welcome. Please contact directors in advance. For large donations reimbursement of handling and shipping charges is possible on production of necessary receipts. A photocopy service is also available at cost. However, users/visitors shall order and pay in advance. Extra charge for colour copies. Students are welcome to visit the library and browse among books at no cost on production of their INF valid card.

For more information please call on 0030 210 8131738, fax 0030 213 0368002 or e-mail to

Judit Halász & Angelos Mimikopoulos


American Nudist Research Library – ANRL2950 Sun Cove Drive Kissimmee, Florida 34746-2773


The Library was established in 1979 to preserve the history of the social nudist movement in North America and throughout the world. It is a repository of material rather than a circulating library. Visitors may read or view most of the collection as long as they are in the Library. The Library is enjoyed most by individuals and groups who treasure on-going nudist activities, and who wish to participate in a sincere effort to preserve the unique history of the movement.

The American Nudist Research Library has some very exciting news to share!

Converting The Collection to Electronic Format
The ANRL is at the leading edge of the nation’s libraries as it plans to convert its entire collection to an electronic format.

This will, first of all preserve a fragile and mostly paper collection of documents in a format that will withstand the ravages of time. It will also allow a copy the collection to be stored in an off- site location, so that it would not be lost should a disaster befall the Library itself. Secondly it will eventually allow the collection to be made available to qualified individuals and groups via an on-line connection.

Several things are happening in parallel. The Library is working with the Library of Congress to have an index of the collection included in the Library of Congress’s index. This will allow anyone who electronically searches for a particular document or topic to find a link that indicates that the document may be found at the ANRL in Kissimmee.

In addition, they are now scanning portions of the collection of unbound documents, using a flat bed scanner. These will be stored in a PDF format. The Library has found a vendor of a high speed scanner for our bound documents. When scanned, the information will be converted to a PDF format.

This will make the many sources of information regarding nudism/naturism available to scores of people that may not have been able to access information in the past.

Naturist Education Foundation Research Library

AANR-NW Regional Library

Western Nudist Research Library

(Updated 04/03/2022, INF-FNI office)

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