The INF-FNI: A worldwide Naturist family

The International Naturist Federation is the only organisation representing Naturism worldwide.

Many countries have national Naturist federations which bring together clubs, resorts and individual members within their countries. By being part of the INF-FNI, those federations offer their members the opportunity not just to be a member in the country concerned, but to be part of a much bigger global community – a worldwide Naturist family.

Download a leaflet about the INF-FNI, with contact details for national federations

Members of the INF-FNI

Currently the INF-FNI includes 37 federations, as well as correspondents from countries that do not yet have a federation.

It also has “extraordinary members”, who can be individuals from countries where there is no member federation, and companies or other organisations interested in Naturism.

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You can find details of all our federations and correspondents on our Federations page.

If there is no federation in your country you can still join and support the INF-FNI. Read about membership here.

What does the INF-FNI do?

The INF-FNI works with its members and with other interested people to promote Naturism.

It organises events, including an International Swimming Gala and a pétanque tournament, as well as other meetings, gatherings and sporting events open to Naturists of all ages.

Every two years it organises a World Congress – known as the General Assembly – which Federation representatives attend. Following a decision taken in 2022, it will also be organising conferences on Naturist subjects each year when there is no World Congress. Wikipedia has a list of venues of the World Congress since the foundation of the organisation.

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The INF-FNI also produces a newsletter called Focus every two months.

In 2023 it organised an event at Montalivet, in France, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the INF-FNI.

How is the INF-FNI financed?

According to our rules, every individual member should be issued with an annual stamp – the cost of which is just €1.70 per individual member (and significantly less in federations outside Europe). Federations buy these stamps for their members at the beginning of the year.

Direct membership is a little more expensive – and only open to individuals whose country doesn’t have a member federation.

How is the INF-FNI run?

The organisation’s activities are overseen by the General Assembly – that is to say, by the federations themselves when they meet very two years.

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They elect a Central Committee, which is responsible for the day-to-day administration. It includes a president, two vice-presidents and a number of other members.

Currently the organisation has two presidents, following the decision taken during the Congress in Slovenia in 2021. Read about how the decision came about.

The central committee includes officers responsible for advising on different parts of the world – one deals with Europe, another with the Americas, and a third with Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. It also has officers responsible for promoting Naturism through social media, and another with responsibility for defending naturism.

All the members of the Central Committee are volunteers – they do not have a salary.

The INF-FNI has a small office which is situated in Hörsching, Austria, which is where the INF-FNI is registered. The office employs two part-time, salaried staff.

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Alongside the Central Committee, the INF-FNI also appoints a Law Council, which has the job of deciding on certain complaints made by Member Federations against decisions made by the General Assembly or by the central or executive committee. It also advises on interpretation of the organisations Statutes and Rules. The Law Council consists of two members, ideally legally qualified, and a substitute member, all of whom are elected by the General Assembly.

The organisation also elects two account checkers, or auditors, and a substitute. Their job is to audit the association’s accounts and report on them to the general assembly.

The European arm – EuNat

Federations based in Europe are also members of EuNat, which plays the principal role in organising international Naturist events. EuNat oversees a fund from which events meeting certain criteria can be subsidised.

EuNat meets once a year. In future, following a decision taken at the Congress in Luxembourg, it will meet at the same time and place as the World Congress. In years when there is no Congress, federations can bid to host the meeting. Such meetings will be accompanied by a conference on Naturist matters.

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Naturist locations worldwide

This website includes a list of Naturist clubs, holiday centres, beaches and other locations where you can enjoy Naturism. You can register your club and include it on this list. If you do, please remember to keep the details up to date.

It would be impossible to include every Naturist place on our list. There are thousands of places around the world where you can enjoy Naturism!

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