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It’s spring in the northern hemisphere and a great summer of naturism approaches.

Thailand will be welcoming guests from all over the world to its NatCon festival at the end of April.

Two naturist youth events are due to take place in May – one in France, and one in the UK.

June brings with it the 51st Alpe-Adria event in Croatia.  And in Montenegro, you can enjoy Naturist Games without Frontiers.

Early July, you will be able to follow Esperanto classes in the nude in a beautiful chateau in the Loire Valley in France. Esperanto is an easy-to-learn constructed language, which is based on European languages roots , and which was designed to help people from different countries communicate with each other, with the ultimate goal to help bringing peace on Earth.

July will feature Nudefest in the UK, the annual Baltic Coast event in Germany, and a motorcycle event in Hungary.

In August, we have the new EveryBody festival in the UK, and an opportunity to harvest grapes naked in Portugal.

And in September we have a special event to mark the 70th anniversary of the INF-FNI, and the long-established Southern European event in Spain.

Some of these events are organised by the INF-FNI or sponsored by EuNat.  But all of them provide unique opportunities to enjoy naturism alongside naturists from other countries.

You can read more about all these events on our special events calendar.

And if you’re a federation representative hosting an event open to international visitors, you’re welcome to list your event.  Just send us an email and leave the rest to us!