Phuan Naturist Village

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A family naturist village in the country just outside of Sattahip, Thailand, and just a 20 km drive from downtown Pattaya to this oasis of family naturism. 

We are not a clothing optional place, we are a totally naturist village. So other than coming in with clothes on it is expected that you will be nude as we all are.


Five simple bungalows, four 2 bedroom villas and a large swimming pool with a waterfall surrounded by palm trees, can you imagine a more peaceful setting? The atmosphere is a like staying with family or close friends and that is what Phuan means in Thai…friend.

The only naturist venue owned and managed by 4 women. There is always something to do or not do. There are many tourist, cultural, and sport attractions nearby if that is what you are looking for.

Large Pool

Within the resort we have a game room, karaoke, exercise equipment, and sauna. Or perhaps you just want to lie by the pool soak up the sun and maybe read a book. Our pool is a large, 17 meters (55 feet) by average of 7 meters (30 feet) Great for all types of swimming.

Naturist Events

There will be Special Events held here at Phuan as well as events held by Naturist Association of Thailand that we will publicize

  • General information

    Bed & Breakfast
    Bungalow park
    < 2 ha / 5 acre
    1 January
    31 December
    Visa Card
    American Express
    Renting possibilities
    1 bed, private bath, AC, TVand Wifi
    Perfect for 1 couple, 1 couple and child, or single.
    B5 – 1500 baht Bungalow
    B4 – 1500 baht Bungalow
    B3 – 1500 baht Bungalow
    B2 – 1500 baht Bungalow
    B1 – 1500 baht Bungalow

    SHARED VILLAS (sharing approx 182 sq meters)
    1 bedroom, shared living room and bath, AC, TV &Wifi
    Perfect for 1 couple or family or single.
    Vb1, Vb3, Vb5, Vb7 – 2200 baht – Large Bedroom
    Vb2, Vb4, Vb6, Vb8– 2000 baht – Small Bedroom

    PRIVATE VILLAS (approx 182 sq meters)
    2 bedrooms, living room, private bath, AC, TVand Wifi
    Perfect for 1or 2 couples or a family.
    V6 – Not Available
    V5 – 4000 baht – VILLA pool view
    V4 – Not Available
    V3 – 4000 baht – VILLA pool view
    V2 – 4000 baht – VILLA pool view
    V1 – 4000 baht – VILLA pool view
  • Admission information

    Reservation necessary
  • Location

    > 5 km / 3 Miles
    < 1 km / 0.6 Miles
    Shady sites
    Sunny sites
    Biking possibilities
    Driving Directions from Pattaya/Jomtiem

    • From Thep Prasit Road; drive south on Sukhumvit Road
    towards Sattahip 10.2 km about 12 min.
    • Turn left on Na Chomi Thian 13 Soi; towards Phoenix
    Golf Course and the Dolphin Show
    • Drive 4.2 km about 5 minutes you will have arrived at
    Phuan Naturist Village on your left. Parking is in front.

    Driving Directions from Pattaya/Jomtiem in Thai
    • จากถนนเทพประสิทธิ์ ขับไปทางใต้บนถนนสุขุมวิท
    ไปทางสัตหีบ 10.2 กม. (ประมาณ 12 นาที)
    • เลี้ยวซ้ายที่ซอยนาจอมเทียน 13 มุ่งสู่สนามกอล์ฟฟีนิกซ์ และ
    ปลาโลมาโชว์ 4.2 กม. (ประมาณ 5 นาที)
    • จะถึง เพื่อน เนเชอรีสต์ วิลเลจ อยู่ทางซ้ายมือ จอดรถด้านหน้า

  • Facilities, Recreation & sports

    Cold shower
    Hot shower
    TV lounge
    Washing machines
    Dance evenings
    Outdoor swimming pool
  • Internet

    WiFi (free)

Phuan Naturist Village

Contact data

  • 533/ 23 Moo.10 Huay Yai,
  • Banglamuang, Chonburi 20150 Thailand
  • 20150
  • Huay Yai
  • Chomburi
  • +66 064 136 9323 - English/Thai