Naturist Oasis Camp

HU-Federation of Naturists in Hungary

The biggest naturist camp in Central-East-Europe is located on 23 ha next to Delegyhaza (where the Hungarian naturism was born in the eighties), surrounded with several lakes. Since the camp is very close to Budapest (~25 km) it provides a good opportunity for sight-seeing and visiting the capital of Hungary. Due to its central position, daily excursions to several parts of the country are also possible.
The lakes in the naturist camp were evolved as a result of gravel excavation, with pebble-type bed, and average depth between 3-5 meter. The area has favourable natural parameters, lot of green surfaces and water surface in the lakes. The largest lake (V. lake) has an extension of appr. 45 ha, but the camp has two more smaller lakes as well. The camping has 3 naturist beaches, 3 buffets, 2 children playgrounds and sport facilities (petangue, table tennis, beach volleyball, shuttlecock, soccer, swimming, kayaking, etc). There are pitches for short term campers but the naturist camp also provides for season or long-time pitch leasing in the camping. Tent, caravan or smaller (mobile) house may be installed on the rented area. Free areas for long-time leasing are available in limited number.

The landscape is nice, the lake and good quality air can provide ideal conditions for family holidays including naked fishing. There are no industrial activity around the lakes and no chemicals can reach the lakes from agriculture.

The average size of the pitches is between 70-100 m2, "A" category pitches are located at the waterside, while "B" category means only 50-100 meters walking to the lake beach. The pitches can be used by tent, caravan, motor-home or smaller (max 30 m2) mobile home can be installed in case of long-time pitch renting. The pitches are equipped with electricity and water connections. There are still some pitches available for long-time renting. If you rent, you may a have your “own” waterside cottage !

At present we have 145 lessee families, who are also owners through their MNE membership.

This camping is naturist and open for visitors if they accept naturist lifestyle and rules. The camp is operated by Naturist Oasis Ltd. owned by Hungarian Naturists Association (MNE).

The naturist camp was established in 1983. and the level of its infrastructure is still a bit lower than a modern camping. The sanitary blocks (13 pcs) are equipped with cold/hot water washstands and douches, water-rinsed toilets. The units are cleaned more times a day, however its design is from the eighties, maybe it gives some beauty. We have ballast-roads (pebble) according to the characteristics of the lake and surroundings which makes the natural feeling. However all of this is set-off by the natural characteristic of the camp: big green surfaces, big lake surface and clean water.

The majority of our lessees (members) and also the "A" category pitches has their own waterfront with great view to the lake. From these pitches our guests can reach the water for swimming or fishing through their own entry to the lake. Our lakes are not for sport-fishing, however the lakes has a significant volume of fishes: pike, sheatfish, meagre, carp, perch, bass, grass carp, etc. Fishing is free but allowed only for our members and camping guests.

If you like nature, you are naturist and don’t insist on 5 stars infrastructure, you will love this camping.

You can larn more about us if you visit: or www.facebook/hungariannaturism

  • General information

    Credit cards accepted
    Discount with INF card
    Holiday centre
    15-25 ha / 37 - 62 acre
    1 April
    31 October
    Visa Card
    Electricity for motorhomes/caravans
    Motorhomes/caravans admitted
  • Admission information

    Dogs on leash admitted
    Reservation recommended
  • Location

    1 - 2 km / 0.6 - 1.2 Miles
    1 - 2 km / 0.6 - 1.2 Miles
    Shady sites
    Sunny sites
    Biking possibilities
    Fishing Possibilities
    Surfing possibilities
    Enter the M0 motorway (the loop around Budapest) and exit to road 51 towards Dunaharaszti town. After passing OMV filleing station, follow the road until roundabout and take exit towards Dunavarsány. Follow the high street at Dunavarsány until the railway crossing near railway station. Right upon you cross the railway track follow the direction shown on the board towards DÉLEGYHÁZA. You have to turn at this point to the right. If you are watching carefully, you will spot the sign “Naturist Oasis Camping – FKK”. Follow the straight-line road (recently reconstructed) that connects Dunavarsány and Délegyháza. When you reach Délegyháza railway station follow the main road which curves to left through the village (don't turn to right or left just follow main road curve). The camping is regularly and clearly signalled from this point. Cross the village (along the high street which turns right than left). When you passed the church and school, turn right, than immediately turn to the left and follow main road up to Galla farmhouse, where you will find a board warning you to turn left towards the naturist camping. You will soon see the camping entry gate. Warning: several GPS' offer an alternate route before you reach Delegyhaza railway station. Unfortunately the alternative road is much worser quality and not recommended for caravans. We suggest to forget GPS instructions until you reached Delegyhaza railway station. You should better to look at the Google map - please click the link:

  • Facilities, Recreation & sports

    Childrens corner
    Hot shower
    Washing machines
    Dance evenings
    Sport fields
  • Internet

    WiFi (free)

Naturist Oasis Camp

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  • 2337
  • Delegyhaza
  • +36 70 248 8980
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