First time visitors

First time visitors

A new experience awaits! 

You may call it naturism…or perhaps you’ve heard it called nudism.  No matter which term you use, nude recreation is a great way to unwind and get back to basics.  Without clothes, people tend to rely on their personalities to make a statement and accept others for who they are, rather than what they might be wearing.  Some say that when they shed their clothes, they also shed the stress of their busy lives. 


With the numerous opportunities the INF-FNI has to offer, the perfect naturist holiday is right around the corner.  If your idea of fun includes the pampering of a massage at a beachside resort, the INF can point you in the right direction.  Perhaps you would like your first experience to be with your family at a quiet retreat?  The information provided by the INF-FNI will help guide you toward the club that suits your mood and your lifestyle. 

From day trips to cruises and extended holidays, the clubs and organisations in the INF-FNI will guide you with credible information and resources.