A special event to mark the 70th Anniversary of the INF-FNI


Registration for the event is now closed.  There has been a fantastic response and we are delighted that so many naturists would like to celebrate with us.  Thank you.

The provisional programme for the event has been updated.  You can find the latest version here.

Please note that the events set out on the programme are open only to people who have registered.  We have to have exact numbers for catering purposes which is why we must be strict about this.  We thank you for your understanding.

The programme

The programme includes opportunities to socialise, to meet naturists from other countries, to enjoy local wine and food, and to visit the museum and the monument at CHM Montalivet.

The programme reminds participants of the Naturist Charter of the CHM Montalivet, under which nudity is expected and encouraged everywhere in the resort, weather permitting, including the shops and restaurants. It is mandatory at the swimming pools and on the beach. You are welcome to be naked during any of the events on the programme, except the visit to the market.


Please register at the INF-FNI desk on Thursday afternoon. You will be issued with a wristband, which it is important that you wear throughout the event. In particular, because of the need for us to have exact numbers for catering, you must wear your wristband to be admitted to the welcome drinks and the gala dinner.

Photo policy

A separate red wristband will be issued to anyone who does not wish to appear in any photographs taken by our official photographer. He is the only person authorised to take photographs during the event.  Please read the full photo policy on the programme.  You will be asked to sign a document confirming that you have read and understood it when registering.

Welcome drinksVignobles Lassagne logo

These will be offered outside Vignobles Lassagne in the main commercial centre in the resort. You can buy wine to enjoy during the rest of your stay at the same shop. If the weather is bad the event will be relocated to the Hexagone.


On the Friday, the workshops will focus on the work of two working groups.  The first is concerned with review of the statutes and rules on which the INF-FNI is based.  This review was launched following a mandate from the World Congress held in Slovenia in 2021. The working group is currently consulting on a first draft of revised statutes and rules. Among other things, these identify what the purposes of the INF-FNI should be. A separate working group is looking at the rules concerning membership of the INF-FNI and its financing.  Both groups are expected to report next year, in time for their proposals to be considered by and, if the federations agree, adopted by the World Congress due to be held in October 2024.

We expect this workshop to extend into a general discussion about the INF-FNI and its work, and how it should work to promote naturism in the 21st century.

You can download the draft of the new statutes and rules in the three official languages here.

On the Saturday, two workshops will be available. The first will consist of a talk on the history of Naturism by Bruno Saurez. Bruno Saurez is the walking history book of naturism. His passion and devotion to our lifestyle led him to delve into the past. As an avid collector of naturist literature and magazines spanning from the early pioneer days, he recently published “120 years of Naturism in Marseille” which recounts the history of naturism in his region from its 19th century origins to today, paying honour to those who paved the way for us. Bruno is the founding president of l’Association Naturiste Phocéenne in Marseille and regularly organises very active nude hikes in the cliffy Mediterranean Calanques outside of the city. There will be an opportunity for questions after his presentation.

The second will offer an opportunity to talk about how people started out in naturism and the challenges they faced. These could be many and various, and it has been noted that women can sometimes face particular challenges. This will be an interactive session and we hope you will join in.

Interpretation among French, German and English will be provided via the Zoom app. Please download it to your phone before you come to the event, and be sure to bring suitable earphones too. Zoom – Apple/IoS ZoomAndroid/Google Play

Chalet LeCocqPhoto of Chalet LeCocq at CHM Montalivet

There will be guided visits to the mini-museum commemorating the founders of CHM Montalivet and leading lights in Naturism, Albert and Christine LeCocq. The chalet is quite small, so we will be running the visit twice.

Club du Soleil Bordeaux Côte d’Argent

We are hugely grateful to the local Naturist association for their help in preparation of the anniversary celebration. They will be demonstrating some of the activities they offer to naturists during the season, and there will also be an opportunity to try out naturist archery.


Join us to view Vivre Nu, an exquisitely-photographed documentary about naturism in France. It will be available in French with English subtitles. The showing will take place in the Hexagone.


Monument at CHM Monltalivet.

Photo credit sdeschenes

A new plaque will be added to the monument commemorating the foundation of the INF-FNI. We are grateful to the CHM Montalivet for providing the new plaque. An unveiling ceremony will take place on the Saturday afternoon, to which everyone is invited.

Group photo

Our official photographer will take a naked “family photo” in which you are welcome to participate if you wish. This will take place at the monument immediately after the new plaque has been unveiled.

Gala dinner

This will take place at the Bistro Gourmand in the commercial centre.

Afterwards it’s planned to have music courtesy of DJs Laurent and Edwin – an unique treat, we feel sure.

Visit to Montalivet Market

Join us on Sunday morning for a visit to the local market. It’s a 30-minute walk each way. There will be an opportunity to sample local oysters – but you must book and pay in advance for this. You must be dressed for this event.

After that we will wish you a fond goodbye, and we hope very much you will have enjoyed the celebration.

The International Naturist Federation is marking its 70th anniversary this year.  To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have chosen to return to Montalivet, the birthplace of the INF-FNI, where the original statutes were signed in 1953.

Not only will the event be an opportunity to mark the anniversary in the company of other Naturist friends from around the world, it will also present an opportunity for the INF-FNI to host workshops on important questions concerning the future of the organisation.

Bordeaux is famous for its wine and its oysters and there will be opportunities to sample both.


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