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31 May

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Pashut Festival, just BE Naked

 Desert Ashram is excited to invite you to Israel’s traditional naturist festival. Afourdays journey in the spectacular Negev desert. We invite you to simply BE. Being naked and beautiful, letting go of layers of fear and shame. Being nude and simple, just as we are. Pashut Festival is calling us to live life totally and joyfully.

“Your clothes are not just clothes- they are hiding you from everybody else’s eyes. And it is good sometimes to be with the birds and with the animals and with the trees, just as they are-utterly nude.”(Osho)

Being naked and beautiful, nude and simple- Pashut festival is creating a safespace for Naturists tocelebrate life fully. Four days of deep workshops, meditation sessions, beautiful parties and the one and only- Negev desert. Come and meet naturists like you from all around the world! Pashut festival is calling us celebrate ourselves and our naked bodies in an environment of freedom and love.

 Pashut festival is creating a space of love, celebration, meditation and healing. The unique thing about this gathering is that it allows us to just be as we are, without clothes and masks.Accepting ourselves fully, body and mind.

Being naked. So simple, yet so controversial. So much fear and shame is wrapped around this issue. We are inviting you to a space which is different. A safe space that is allowing a process of exploration. A space of loving and accepting the body, nourishing it with healing energy.

This festival allows us to take off the daily masks and costumes and meet our true self. Meeting ourselves through the body. While being naked, we allow a change to come. We invite you to challenge yourself and remove the judgments that you have about your body, and simply celebrate it. 

Past experience shows that the festival works best when the number of male and female guests are equal. In order to achieve this you will have to find a registration partner. There is no commitment to anything this is for registration purposes.

Registration will start in the middle of March. For more details:

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